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mago3D - 3D geospatial digital twin platform visualizing as-built content, converging real-time sensor data, experiencing simulated future insights

We are a small company with a big dream: To see Free and Open Source GIS software make its way into every part of society, from government and private enterprise to academia and private users.Kartoza is a South Africa-based Free and Open Source GIS (FOSSGIS) service provider. We use GIS software to solve complex location-related problems for individuals, businesses and governments around the world. Kartoza offers FOSSGIS training, solution development, hosting, deployment, maintenance and support for your tech. Our team develops software to give you the freedom to share and modify your GIS as your needs grow and change.

At KAN we develop solutions based on the technological data process to extract real knowledge of the environment and your business.

Experience OmniSci's accelerated analytics platform at no cost with OmniSci Free! OmniSci Free allows users to leverage the full power of the OmniSci Analytics Platform, including OmniSciDB SQL Database, OmniSci Render Engine, OmniSci Immerse, and the OmniSci Data Science Toolkit.

Association for the group of Spanish users of QGIS, a free and open source geographic information system. We contribute to making QGIS better, both by disseminating and sharing knowledge and developing functionalities, as well as helping and promoting the encounter between users and supporting the dissemination and promotion of QGIS.

gvSIG Desktop is a powerful Geographic Information System that is part of the gvSIG Suite. The gvSIG Suite is a whole catalogue of open source software solutions, composed of “horizontal” solutions and a wide range of sector products. The current main products are: gvSIG Desktop (geographic information system for editing, 3D analysis, geoprocessing, maps, etc.), gvSIG Online (integral platform for Spatial Data Infrastructure -SDI- implementation) and gvSIG Mobile (mobile application for Android, for field data gathering).

pygeometa is a Python package to generate metadata for geospatial datasets

pycsw is an OARec and OGC CSW server implementation written in Python

pygeoapi is a Python server implementation of the OGC API suite of standards