Cancellation Policy


Tickets are purchased by individuals, entities, agencies or public entities, regardless of their legal form, hereinafter designated as the BUYER. Each ticket has associated the data of the ATTENDEE, who will be the natural person who will use the ticket.

Tickets are sold by GeoLibres, hereinafter referred to as the ORGANIZER, on behalf of the OSGeo Foundation. The ORGANIZER is responsible for the event to be held, and its conditions are subject to the conditions determined by it.

The confirmation of the purchase is subject to the confirmation of the monetary transaction associated with it. A ticket with no associated valid monetary transaction will automatically be considered invalid.


All these terms and conditions are governed by Argentine law and any conflict arising from any transaction will be subject solely to the jurisdiction of the Argentine Courts.

No type of exchange, refund, cancellation or return of the tickets purchased will be accepted, except in the conditions established by the ORGANIZER.


The impossibility of attending the event by the ATTENDANT or an error when making the purchase will not be valid reasons to proceed with the full refund of the ticket price.

The return policy in the event of cancellation by the participants will be as follows:

  • Up to 8 months before the start of the Event, 75% of the amount will be returned
  • Between 8 and 6 months before the event meal will be returned 50%
  • Between 6 and 4 months before the start of the Event, 25% of the amount will be returned
  • Less than 4 months before the start of the event, no amount will be refunded.

It is possible to modify the ATTENDEE data for free by contacting the organization up to one month before the event.

Update (4/12/2020): If your country of residence doesn't allow you to travel to Argentina and/or you don't have access to a vaccine approved by the WHO (World Health Organization) or a similar institution, you can ask for a full refund of your ticket. End of update (4/12/2020)


The ORGANIZER reserves the right to cancel and/or cancel any purchase that contains buyer information with incorrect and/or incomplete data.

The illegal resale (or attempted illegal resale) of a ticket constitutes cause for the full cancellation of the ticket without refund or any other compensation.

The use of a ticket by someone other than the ATTENDEE will also be a reason for canceling said ticket without refund or any other type of compensation.

If for any reason or cause, the date or time of the event is modified; The tickets purchased will be valid for the final date and time determined by the ORGANIZER.


If the event is canceled for any reason, even those that respond to unforeseeable circumstances or major force, the ORGANIZER will arbitrate the means for the purpose of holding the event VIRTUAL respecting its nature and guaranteeing the quality of its contents.

Likewise, in such circumstances, the ORGANIZER undertakes to offer a refund of the difference between the price of the face to face event and the virtual event ticket. The possibility of complete cancellation will also be offered with the refund of the entire price of the ticket.

The ORGANIZER is not responsible nor is it responsible for the provision and quality of the internet connection of the ATTENDEE acquiring the On-Line Event at the time the transmission is made, or at any other time, nor for the operation of the device where it is try to play. The ATTENDEE knows that to view and access an On-Line Event, they must have access to an internet network with sufficient speed to view streaming content and have an electronic device that allows internet access with a screen and audio in correct operating conditions. Therefore, the ORGANIZER has no responsibility for the provision of the internet service and the correct operation of the device chosen by the ATTENDEE for the reproduction of the content. Access to an internet network with sufficient speed to view streaming content is the sole responsibility of the ATTENDEE, who in turn knows and accepts that if they do not have access to an internet network with sufficient speed or in the event that their internet network suffers interruptions or micro cuts, the possibility of viewing the On-Line Event and / or its quality will be affected.