TileDB maintains the open-source TileDB Embedded storage engine, which universally models all data as multi-dimensional arrays. TileDB Embedded supports both dense and sparse arrays, unifying the way scientists think about data and allowing them to use numerous language APIs and integrations with a broad set of popular analysis tools. TileDB also develops TileDB Cloud, the first universal database that delivers access control and enables large-scale distributed computing on the unified TileDB array format. TileDB Cloud simplifies the lives of analysts by reducing time-to-insight and lowering the TCO of sharing, logging and auditing all interactions with research data. TileDB, Inc., was spun out of MIT and Intel Labs in May 2017 and is backed by Two Bear Capital, Nexus Venture Partners, Uncorrelated Ventures, Intel Capital, and Big Pi. The company was founded to overcome the constraints of columnar tables, flat files, SQL-only, and domain-specific tools. Today, TileDB is accelerating science across the geospatial, genomics, telecom, and imaging industries and supports many popular software languages with embeddable libraries for Python, R, Java, C#, C++, and more.





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