Oslandia has been part of the FOSS4G community for more than 10 years.

We started in 2009 as PostGIS experts, and rapidly enlarged our range of technologies and skills to provide our clients full Opensource GIS solutions adapted to their needs. We initially focused on consulting, and evolved into providing the full range of IT services : consulting, training, development, integration, assistance and maintenance.

Thanks to R&D efforts, we now provide state of the art expertise on various topics related to geospatial technologies : 3D web visualization, big data processing...

We are a pure opensource player, and contribute to various FOSS4G software components, and we take part of many opensource events ( FOSS4Gs, QGIS community meetings, PGDays, PGConf.eu, FOSDEM…) Oslandia is an opensource editor of QGIS and provides professional services around this desktop GIS. We contribute to QGIS core and to the whole ecosystem around it.

Oslandia is a 100% remote company from the start, and we innovate in management through continuous improvements following our core values, e.g. salary transparency, remote work and communication methods, agile methodologies and tooling, distributed and asynchronous work… Lately we developed new competences and opensource software in the fields of water network management and geology/mining.

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