The company mundialis ( is specialized in the processing of massive amounts of remote sensing and geodata in general. Our systems are operating in powerful computing centers with cloud-based architectures.

For our solutions, we use Free and Open Source geo-information systems, which allow tailor-made solutions for our customers. One focus lies on the processing of Sentinel data made available by the European Copernicus program. Time series are processed and evaluated automatically with the results being offered as standardized web services.

All kind of remote sensing data such as satellite data or orthophotos covering large areas provide information on recent changes in land use, soil moisture, surface temperature, flooding or vegetation status in the agricultural and forestry context, just to name few examples. Based on these data, mundialis offers scalable products which can be seamlessly integrated into existing applications due to the standardized interfaces. Our customers include space agencies, research institutes, international organizations, as well as the private business sector in the fields of telecommunications, logistics and health.

We are also deeply involved in the OSGeo project GRASS GIS and also the OSGeo community project actinia, which is a cloud based geoprocessing platform, that uses GRASS GIS and other engines as a backend.

For these components we released numerous interfaces (GeoServer-GRASS GIS data store, Geonetwork-API for actinia) but also various process chains for the detection of deforestation, land degradation, download and processing Sentinel scenes or detection of land use derived from Satellite as well as from aerial and drone photographs.

There is also a strong infrastructure related chapter thatheavily deals with cloud deployments. For this we use Docker, Ansible, Kubernetes, Terraform or Helm Charts.

Our team consists of 12 experts with a strong geospatial background. We are happy to help you with your challenge!

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