We started out as an urban planning office. After implementation of INSPIRE Directive began we started introducing our INSPIRE based solutions for local governments we worked with. We've quickly realized that there are many issues with implementing the INSPIRE Directive and there are none online GIS applications that could help users easily adapt to GIS. Many public administrations weren't technologically prepared for the changes, as digitalization of planning documents and spatial data was non-existent. That's why we began working on our own GIS online software. This way we could reduce the costs of introducing the INSPIRE Directive for spatial data owners. Thanks to using the SaaS model and internet database with direct access, we could save money on software and spatial data infrastructure. FOSS4G is the first time we've decided to present our solution to a broad audience and we are hoping to learn, get feedback and expand the application while taking a big step ahead and pushing GIS to the next level - online. See the main features.




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