GeoCat is pleased to sponsor FOSS4G 2021. COVID learned us how important online collaboration is. We are fortunate that our communities have a well established practise of working in distributed teams. The way we all continued to work together, despite the real life problems that the pandemic caused, is something our community can be proud of. It also made clear how much we miss meeting you in real life! When we were asked to sponsor the Buenos Aires FOSS4G 2021 conference, we didn’t hesitate to step up and support to make it happen!

GeoCat focuses on the development of Spatial Data Infrastructures that support you, as geospatial expert in your day to day job. Making sure your data is fit to be shared or combined with data from other sources. Assisting governments and companies to comply to national or international agreements and legislations like INSPIRE that facilitate data exchange. We provide our services to a wide range of National and International government agencies, like National Mapping Agencies and Ministries as well as to Municipalities or Provinces. GeoCat provides both expertise and training, commercial open source software solutions with Long Term Support agreements and a SAAS solution providing an advanced geospatial backbone for your organisation.

With our commitment to FOSS4G 2021 we hope to make the conference an even bigger success and lower the barrier for participation. As director of GeoCat and founder of GeoNetwork opensource I am so proud, excited and happy that my small team of experts is fully committed to support FOSS4G 2021 with a Platinum sponsorship. I wish you all a great conference! Please stop by our booth to talk to us.

And don’t forget: Put your heart in anything you do!

You can find more info on their webpage.