Gaia3D was founded in November 2000 by Sanghee Shin, the current CEO, as a private South Korean company. Gaia3D started out with a couple of passionate software engineers in a very small room and initially worked for government and research institutes in Korea.

Around 2004, the first major development output came from a GIS-related research project regarding a multi-image processing software engine for efficiently processing large amounts of geospatial imagery data. Gaia3D’s multi-image processing software engine, called MIP, has since been widely used in Korea and exported to several countries including Southeast Asian nations.

Since 2007, Gaia3D has actively developed and promoted open source GIS projects in and around Korea. The company played a key role in founding OSGeo Korean Chapter and has contributed much to the Chapter’s activities since then. Gaia3D is now a regular sponsor of many OSGeo and FOSS4G events all around the world.

Gaia3D recently focuses on the development of mago3D, an open source based digital twin platform and is now being involved in many digital twin projects in Korea.

You can find more info on their webpage.