Fulcrum’s no-code SaaS platform streamlines mobile data collection, automates workflows, and provides data-driven insights. The Fulcrum platform enables field teams to replace pens, paper, and spreadsheets with location-aware apps that integrate with your organization’s GIS tools — leveraging geospatial insights and streamlining operations without relying on software developers, outside firms, or IT.

With Fulcrum, you can:

Digitize mobile data collection - Your teams can use their phones or tablets to collect consistent data – including geotagged photos, video, and signatures – even when there’s no cell or WiFi coverage.

Deploy efficiently and without code - As demand increases for location-aware field productivity apps, break the backlog without writing code or using spreadsheet-based development processes.

Deliver field workflow automation - With Fulcrum, non-developers can automate key workflows to ensure consistent performance across your organization.

Drive business optimization - Incorporate the location-based data your teams collect into your GIS to improve field performance, routing, customer satisfaction and more.

Fulcrum is trusted by more than 30,000 users across 180+ countries, and is proudly developed by Spatial Networks, Inc.

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