Azavea is a 20-year-old organization of 50 people that combines geography and the web to create innovative software for public good. Our work covers an array of topics from climate change to citizen science, but five key themes are woven throughout: a grounding in geography and place; creating civic, environmental, and social impact; integrating human-centered design; addressing non-trivial problems; and using, creating, or contributing to open source and open data.

The firm’s public service mission and research focus are at the heart of its work, encompassing both R&D partnerships with universities and open source software tools for Earth observation imagery like Raster Vision, Raster Foundry, GeoTrellis, Loam, and Franklin as well as DistrictBuilder for electoral redistricting, the World Resource Institute’s Global Forest Watch project, the Open Apparel Registry for a transparent global apparel supply chains, and COVID data visualization tools for the World Bank.

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You can find more info on their webpage.