Comité Organizador Local

Conference Chairs

  • Malena Libman

    President of OSGeo Argentina Local Chapter’s NGO Geolibres, Chair of FOSS4G + SOTM 2017 Argentina. SDI specialist involved in the National SDI working towards building better FLOSS solutions.

  • María Arias de Reyna

    Java Champion, Senior software engineer at Red Hat, Charter Member of OSGeo, former President of OSGeo, Member of Apache Software Foundation and maintainer of several FOSS projects.

Academic Call For Papers

  • Maria Antonia Brovelli

    Professor of GIS at Politecnico di Milano. Member of ESA ACEO, Co-Chair of the UN Open GIS Initiative and the UN OSGeo Committee, Deputy Chair of the UN-GGIM Academic Network, Chair of ISPRS WG IV/4. She received the OSGeo Sol Katz award in 2015.

  • Mariana Gasparotto

    Professor of Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) at Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero (UNTREF). Member of the Argentine SDI by UNTREF. Previously General Director of Planning, I+D at the National Geographic Institute of Argentina.

  • Sergio Acosta y Lara

    Coordinator of gvSIG Batoví, a GIS for education for Plan Ceibal (OLPC for Uruguay). Charter Member of OSGeo and member of the Advisory Board of GeoForAll, serving as Regional chair for Iberoamerica and co-editor of its newsletter.

Local Organizing Comittee Volunteers

  • Andrea Trovant

    GIS Technician. Member of Geoinquiet@s Argentina and Geolibres NGO. FOSS4G-ARG 2017, FOSS4G-ARG 2019. Work at Buenos Aires City Government.

  • Maria de los Angeles Jaimes

    Technician in Geographic Information Systems. GIS Advisor at the Ministry of Public Works. Member of the GIGAT Research Group that works with the Geographic Research Institute of Patagonia (IGEOPAT). Participant in various research projects supported by state funding, science and university scolarships, student funding programs and international agencies.

  • Ana P. Mittendorfer

    Ceremonial technician with experience in organizing face-to-face and virtual events and NGO administration.

  • Ariel Anthieni

    Founder of Geoinquietos Argentina, Coordinator of the Argentina SDI Metadata Team. Chair of FOSS4G-AR 2016 and part of the organization SOTM LATAM 2018. Member of Geoinquiet@s Argentina and Geolibres.

  • Astrid Emde

    Sol Katz Award, Astrid is involved in several OSGeo projects and in the organization of FOSSGIS.

  • Camila Cuervo

    Graphic Desing student, specialiced in UX desing

  • Carmen Diez

    Civil Engineer and Master Environmental Engineering. Member of Geoinquietos Madrid, GeochicasOSM and QGIS Spain Association. Work at Regional Government of Environment and Spatial Planning in Madrid (Spain).

  • Cristian Zamar

    Fullstack Developer. GIS and FOSS fan. Participate in geospatial communities and events like Geoinquietos Arg, FOSS4G-Ar, SDI Argentina, SDI Formosa.

  • Felipe Sodré Mendes Barros

    Geographer focused in spatial analysis for biodiversity with open source tools

  • Gabriel Candaosa

    GIS expert working at the National Geological Agency. Member of the Argentine Center of Cartography

  • Gonzalo Perez

    2014 SOTM Chair. GIS Developer at National Geographic Institute. Member of Geoinquiet@s Argentina, OSM and GeoLibres.

  • Gonzalo Varela

    GIS Developer at the National Geographic Institute. Member of Geoinquiet@s Argentina and Geolibres.

  • Guido Stein

    President of FOSS4G US Local Chapter. Chair of FOSS4G Boston 2017. Geospatial Data Alchemist.

  • Hernán Lopez

    OpenStreetMap Argentina collaborator since 2008, co-organizer of SOTM LATAM 2018, amateur astronomer, geek, linux user, trekie, whovian and family man.

  • Horacio Castellaro

    Geographer, SDI specialist. Member of Geoinquiet@s Argentina, OSM Argentina and GeoLibres. Work at Buenos Aires City Government. Chair of FOSS4G-AR 2019.

  • John Bryant

    Professional geospatial technologist. Conference Chair of FOSS4G SotM Oceanía 2018. President OSGeo Oceanía building open geospatial community internationally.

  • Manuel Retamozo

    GIS Developer. System Analysis. Founder member of Geoinquiet@s Argentina and GeoLibres and OSM Argentina. Work at the National Institute of Statistics and Census. Organization Member FOSS4G-Ar 2013/19.

  • Matt Hanson

    FLOSS developer and advocator. Regular FOSS4G and FOSS4G-NA speaker and attendee.

  • Noelia Junco

    Geographer, GIS Developer and Professor at Buenos Aires City Government. Member of GeoLibres.

  • Priscilla Gail Minotti

    Ecologist and Geographer, interested in Machine Learning and Geo Big Data, Associate Professor at UNSAM University. Member of Geolibres, R-Ladies Buenos Aires, Landscape Ecology Association Argentina.

  • Selene Yang

    Researcher and PhD candidate in Social Communications. Co-founder and coordinator of the international initiative of Geochicas in OpenStreetMap. Researcher and Open Knowledge Foundation fellow.

  • Sofia Nilo

    Geographer, GIS senior consultant. In charge of the National Coordination of SDI Chile for nine years.

  • Verónica Andreo

    Researcher for the National Council of Science working at the Argentinian Space Agency. Member of the GRASS GIS Development Team. Mentor for OSGeo in Google Code-In 2017 and 2018.