Frecuently Asked Questions

When and Where

When will the conference take place?

The conference will take place from September 27 to October 2, 2021.

Where will the Conference take place?

The conference will take place ONLINE.

Are the presentations going to be recorded and made publicly available after the conference?


Our main goal is to foster FOSS4G, and that means also making all the presentations available even to people that didn't registered on first place.

Have you considered an hybrid online-face to face event?

We have considered it carefully and discarded the idea.

An hybrid event would be a step further than just streaming content. The network bandwidth required for a proper hybrid event (streaming out and receiving the feedback and questions from remote attendees in real time) would be too much for the network connection available at the venue. The cost of getting such bandwidth would be prohibitive for us.

Also, the extra effort in work and budget required to properly host a hybrid event without making the remote attendees part of a secondary category goes far beyond our possiblities.


I am presenting a workshop/talk, do I have to register?

All main speakers will receive a free ticket. If you are co-presenting with more people, only the main speaker will receive the free ticket.

How do I sign up to attend the Conference?

Registrations and ticket purchases will be made through an online system. For more information visit our Register section.

How do I sign up for workshops?

Each workshop can be purchased as an individual ticket. They will be on sale once the schedule has been published. We recommend registering as soon as possible.

How do I know if there is space for the workshops?

On the registration page you will be able to see the options and how many places are still available. The space in the training rooms is limited, so we can only offer a limited number of tickets.

If I already bought my ticket, how can I get an invoice / receipt for my payment?

If you already bought your ticket, the receipt will be sent to you by email.

The invoices will be made by Geolibres Asociación Civil or the OSGeo Foundation depending on your country of origin. During the purchase process, the data for billing can be completed, such as the company name to which it is addressed and the tax ID number. Make sure the data is correct because once the ticket is purchased and the invoice is generated, it cannot be corrected.

I am not dedicated to geomatics, can I attend the Conference?

Yes, the conference is open to any public interested in geomatics, free software, maps and communities.

If I don't develop or write code, is this conference for me too?

Yes, this event is for all kinds of people interested in sharing experiences about maps, from developers who write code to users of geomatics software, people who make decisions, researchers, students and anyone who wants to learn, share and meet like minded people.

Can I go without registration?

The event will be only accessible to registered users.

I need a certificate of my attendance at the event, will they be delivered?

Yes. We will be sending certificates after the end of the event via email. We ask for your patience, we will do our best to get it to you as soon as possible.

What is included in the ticket?

The cost of the conference ticket includes admission to all the main tracks (excluding workshops) and social events.

You can see the details on the schedule published at the website.

What can I expect

What activities will the Conference have?

The conference will have tracks full of talks, workshops and codeprint activities. On the social side, we will host a Geochicas meeting, as well as other social events like Ice Breaker and Gala Dinner.

Will you deliver T-shirts or conference material?

This year, t-shirts would be sold separately from the ticket, reducing the ticket price and the amount of waste. You can buy event branded shirts in our store.