Bohannan Huston, Inc.

Bohannan Huston, Inc. (BHI), founded in 1959, specializes in Planning, Engineering, Spatial Data, and Advanced Technologies. Our exceptional reputation is built upon a spirit of service and commitment to client satisfaction.

BHI is proud to support the FOSS4G 2021 conference. We have participated in FOSS4G events since 2006 when we sent two of our staff members to the Lausanne, Switzerland event. Our team applies open-source tools and methods to enhance the delivery of our geospatial and engineering services to clients throughout the Southwest United States. As data producers, we rely on the core data processing functionality of many Open Source Geospatial (OSGeo) related projects to ingest and visualize large volumes of high precision imagery, elevation/point cloud, and feature data. Key software platforms such as GRASS GIS, PDAL, QGIS, GDAL/OGR, and Orfeo Toolbox are among those that help us to efficiently deliver quality geospatial solutions and products to our clients across a wide array of civil engineering disciplines and mapping specialties.





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