Geochicas take Buenos Aires

GeoChicas Pre-Event

This event will take place on Tuesday evening, after the workshops and the day before the main sessions start. The event will be split in two. The first half will be women and non binary people (nb) only. Then everyone is invited to join. This helps the inclusivity and network building among women and nb.

What is GeochicasOSM?

Geochicas OSM is a group of cis and non-binary women, feminists and mappers linked to the OpenStreetMap project and to communities associated with the world of free software and open data. The ideals are embodied through mapping and collaborative mapping. At the beginning it was only a Spanish-speaking community, but today there are users in more than 40 countries around the globe. The collective was created in 2016, at the annual OpenStreetMap State of the Map LatAm 2016 meeting, in São Paulo - Brazil, where they spoke with the mixed community present about the gender problem in OpenStreetMap, and therefore, the first guidelines for the OSM Geochics agenda were defined.


This women’s network is dedicated to collaborative data mapping and visualization initiatives from a feminist perspective with a gender perspective. Through the different thematic axes, the main objective is to evaluate the role, representation and participation that women have in these spaces. Today there are more than 4,500,000 mixed users in OSM, there is a lot of information but little diversity in the data, only 3% of the community are women. From this scoop, it seeks to reduce the gender gap in technological spaces through collaborative networks and the creation, editing, curation and visualization of geospatial data through a feminist lens.

Geochicas takes Bucharest FOSS4G 2019 Geochicas takes Dar es-Salam FOSS4G 2018


  • To what audience are these Geochicas meetings at the Conference dedicated? These meetings are dedicated to women, cis and non-binaries who want to be part of the geodater community and learn about collaborative mapping initiatives, with the aim of contributing to the debate from a feminist perspective with a gender perspective.

  • What are safe spaces for women? These meetings are spaces that are created so participants can generate networks of contention and exchange of ideas. They are places of expression, where the codes of conduct and policies of coexistence can be debated to carry out a diverse conference, as well as how strategies for the inclusion of women in technology can be generated. Thanks to these spaces, new action guidelines and new project proposals can be taken to reduce the gender gap.

  • Can I collaborate in Geochicas OSM even if I don’t know about maps? Of course, there are many colleagues who do not necessarily know about maps and geodata, but contribute from their experience and multidisciplinary vision. Likewise, Geochicas promotes the transfer of knowledge and capacity building between colleagues from the dialogue of different knowledge. All this information is on the Geochicas website and on the YouTube channel.

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