Submission Guidelines

On this article you will learn how to send proposals to our Call for Participation.

For each type of submission there may be slightly different questions, but the process is pretty similar.

You have three different types of submissions you can do, each on its own url:

  • Workshop: this covers the hands-on sessions to learn new skills

  • General: this covers the general track and contains talks, panels, benchmarks,…

  • Academic: this track will cover peer reviewed submissions

Create user and login

Once you choose the proper call for participation, you need an account to send proposals.

Create a new Submission

Once you are logged in, you can submit a proposal by clicking first on the Go to CFP and then on the submit a proposal button.

Step 1

  • Submission Title

Write the title of the proposed talk or workshop.

This title should summarize the content of your submission. Try to be concise and straight to the point.

  • Abstract

In the abstract make sure to write all important elements of your proposal.

Please be concise, you have 400 words. This is what your potential audience will read to decide if they go to your session.

You can use the preview tab to see the final result of the content writen, in case of using markdown:

  • Description

This is where you extend the abstract. This is where you may add bibliography or information that can help your audience get into context.

  • Record the talk

We have a check-box to mark that you are not interested in having your presentation recorded.

If you want to record your talk, just leave unchecked. When you accept to being recorded, you accept that FOSS4G will be able to publish your presentation and use it as advertising material for future FOSS4G events.

  • Additional speaker

If you have co-speaker(s), i.e., other participant(s) that will give the talk together with you, please add their email address here, and we will invite them to create an account.

IMPORTANT: Full ordered list of authors and affiliations are to be added in the next page.

Lets go ahead and click the continue button.

Don’t worry, you can go back when necessary by clicking the back button.

Step 2

  • Authors and Affiliations

You can fill now the authors of this submision in the desired order.

Format is: Last name, First name for each author of the contribution. Don’t forget to let us know the affiliations of each participant, just as we show in the example below:

  • Track

This is the general theme that matches your talk. If more than one track fits your submission, please, choose the one that fits better. This will help our reviewers on the curation process.

  • Topic

Select the specific topic that best defines your contribution:

As with the track, more than one topic may fit your submission. Please, choose the one that better defines it.

  • Level

It is pretty important to be sincere on this drop down. You want your audience to have the proper skill level for your presentation. This will also help us curate a better schedule with balanced sessions.

  • Requirements for the Attendees

This is where you hint your attendees if they should prepare something prior to your session. Specially important for workshops.

Ok, almost done… let’s keep going!

Step 3

On this third and last section you are invited to share more information about yourself.

This information will be publicly displayed next to your talk - you can always edit for as long as submissions are still open.

  • Profile picture

If you have registered with an email address that has a gravatar account, we can retrieve your profile picture from there.

Or you can share it by clicking on Browse… button.

  • Name

Please enter the name you wish to be displayed publicly. This name will be used for all events you are participating in on this server.

  • Biography

Let everyone know more about you. This is your elevator speech.

Note that this content will be shown publicly.

Step 4

  • Submision confirmation

Well done! You have successfully submited a talk. Make sure you see the message:

Your talk has been submitted successfully!

Followed by the information and link to your just submited contribution.

  • Link for review

In the link icon you can access the link to the submitted work to share with colleagues for a review, if needed.

  • Edit

If desired, you can click on the edit icon, and then you will be able to modify the field.

  • Withdrawing the submitted work

Click first on edit icon end then, withdraw.

  • Create a new submission

To submmit another work, just click on Create a new submission.

Email confirmation

  • check that you received a confirmation of your Submission

  • check that everything is OK in this email, as this is the information that got stored on our system.